The Columbia Township Joint Economic Development Zone was established by virtue of a contract between Columbia Township and the Village of Fairfax and was ratified by the electors of Columbia Township at an election held November 5, 2013 and certified by the Hamilton County Board of Elections on November 21, 2013.

The Zone was organized under Section 715.691 of the Ohio Revised Code to operate as a joint economic development zone to facilitate new or expanded growth for commercial or economic development, create and preserve jobs and employment opportunities, and improve the economic welfare of the people of the State of Ohio, Hamilton County, Columbia Township, Fairfax, and the Zone.

The Board of Directors of the Zone was established in accordance with Ohio Revised Code Section 715.691(G). The Board is comprised of six members, three members appointed by Columbia Township, and three members appointed by the Village of Fairfax. The Board members serve 1-year terms in accordance with Section 715.691(G)(1) of the Ohio Revised Code. The members of the Board shall serve without compensation.
The Board meets at least once each calendar quarter on a date determined by the Board. Each member attends all meetings unless excused by action of the other members. In the event of the death, disqualification, removal, or resignation of any member of the Board, a new member is appointed to serve as successor for the unexpired term of such member.
The Township selects the Chairperson of the Board who is a Board member. The Board elects the following officers (who along with the Chairperson shall constitute the Officers of the Board) from among its members: a Vice Chairperson, a Secretary and a Treasurer. The Officers (except the Chairperson) are elected every year for a one-year term and serve until their respective successors take office.
The Board is authorized to take necessary and appropriate action, or establish programs, to facilitate economic development in the Zone in accordance with the purpose of this Contract and the funds appropriated or available for such action or programs.