Resolution  09-29 , 2009  Fees for False alarms Resulting From Malfunction of Commercial or Residential /Security Alarm Systems and Rescinding Resolution 19-1997

Whereas, intrusion alarms are a valuable crime deterrent and fire alarms provide for the safety and protection of life and property for the businesses and residents of Columbia Township; and

Whereas,, the growing number of false alarms are increasingly utilizing the limited resources of police and fire departments; and

Whereas, Ohio Revised Code §505.511 provides for the collection of fees for false alarms resulting from malfunction of commercial or residential security alarm systems; and

Whereas, the most effective alarm management is accomplished through a multi-disciplinary approach, including consumer education, improved industry standards, and user and industry accountability;

Now, Therefore, Be It Resolved, the Board of Trustees of Columbia Township, Hamilton County, Ohio, for the benefit and welfare of Columbia Township and its citizens:

Authorizes the Fiscal Officer to assess to the alarm user and collect the following charges for false alarms per ORC §505.511:

False Alarms in a Calendar Year
0 to 3   $  0.00
4 $  50.00
5 $100.00
Each additional $150.00

Approved December 8, 2009