During the snow season, Columbia Township Maintenance Department will clear the streets of snow and ice by applying salt; however, there are times when the use of snow plows is necessary. The driving lanes are cleared first to allow drivers clearance and minimize the potential of accidents with either moving or parked cars on the street. The truck drivers then return after clearing the driving lanes to remove snow from the parking lanes. Parking vehicles in driveways when snowfall is expected will expedite snow removal and prevent cars from being blocked in by plowed snow.

Snow plowed to the curbs will often block driveways. This cannot be avoided and understanding is appreciated. Maintenance personnel are committed to providing safe streets as soon as possible after a snowfall for drivers and pedestrians and are unable to prevent or remove snow blocking driveways. The Township encourages residents to assist their neighbors who may be unable to remove snow from their driveway apron or from around parked cars on the street.