The following information is requested on a voluntary basis to help Columbia Township staff respond to your public record request more efficiently. According to the State of Ohio’s Public Records Act, you are not required to provide the following information to submit a Public Information Request. However, providing the information may help staff gather your documents in a more accurate and timely manner. You can also submit a public information request by emailing, faxing 513-561-6981, or visiting 5686 Kenwood Road, Cincinnati, Ohio 45227. For more information, call 513-561-6046

    Name (optional):

    Mailing Address (optional):

    Fax Number (optional):

    Documents Requested:
    Please identify the documents/records being requested. Please be as specific as possible. The more specific your request, the better City staff can locate and retrieve the information in a timely manner.

    Receiving Public Documents
    How would you like to receive the information you are requesting?I will pick up copies at 5686 Kenwood Road.I wish to review the information only; no copies necessary at this time.Call the phone number listed above to notify me when information is available.Mail copies to the mailing address listed above.E-Mail copies to the e-mail address listed above (as practical).Fax copies to the fax number listed above (as practical).I will call the Township (513-561-6046) to determine when records are available.

    The cost to obtain documents through a public information request is $0.10 per impression plus the actual cost of the medium in which the information is provided (i.e., CD, DVD, videotape, audiotape, etc.). Unless otherwise agreed, payment is due before the documents are provided. Checks should be made payable to Columbia Township.I understand there is a cost for receiving public records.