Dear Business Owner:

On November 5, 2013 the residents of Columbia Township voted to establish a Joint Economic Development Zone (JEDZ) in partnership with the Village of Fairfax. The purpose of this partnership is to facilitate the collection of tax revenue to be used to provide services and improvements in Columbia Twp.

Effective April 1, 2014 all businesses located in or doing business in the JEDZ are required to register with the Columbia Twp JEDZ Tax Office within 10 days. This includes businesses, landlords, property managers, contractors, and sub-contractors. Contractors are also required to furnish a list of all subcontractors that you may be using. Landlords are also required to furnish a list of their tenants. Please inform JEDZ Tax Office of any changes to original registration information as soon as possible.

Also effective April 1, 2014, businesses are required to pay taxes to Columbia Twp JEDZ Tax Office: net profit tax (1%) on all business activity within the JEDZ; as well as withholding tax (1%) on all of their employees’ wages for work done in the JEDZ, regardless of where the employee lives.
Forms are available on the Columbia Township website.

Columbia Twp JEDZ follows the Village of Fairfax tax ordinance See website  for latest tax ordinance. Please note, only the business related aspects apply to JEDZ; substitute language of “JEDZ” wherever “Village of Fairfax” is referenced; and substitute” 1% tax rate”. House Bill 5 also applies.

Return completed tax forms/correspondence to the address below. (DO NOT use any other address for Columbia Twp JEDZ Tax business.)

Columbia Twp Joint Economic Development Zone Tax Office
5903 Hawthorne Avenue
Cincinnati, OH 45227

We would be happy to answer any tax related questions that you may have. Columbia Twp JEDZ Tax Office hours are between the hours of 9am-1pm, M-F.


Jane U. Fette
Columbia Twp JEDZ
Tax Administrator
PH: 513-272-9954
FAX: 513-561-5748