Leaf collection is scheduled in October of each year. Leaf collection is typically very light within the first weeks and our crews are able to move quickly. After 2 or 3 weeks or depending on the amount of leaves that have fallen, you can plan on 7 – 10 business days before work crews will return in your area.

However, we ask for your patience due to unforeseen problems, such as breakdowns or weather events that may delay the leaf removal process. Our crew strive to pick up as many leaves as possible before snowfall. Your cooperation and understanding are greatly appreciated.

To expedite the leaf removal process:

  • All leaves should be raked as close to the curb as possible
  • Keep leaves away from fire hydrants as much as possible.
  • Please do not place leaf piles in the street. This action could result in the clogging of storm drains and leaves mixed with ice or snow can cause hazardous road conditions.
  • Do not mix leaves with sticks and other debris. Debris can cause damage to our equipment.
  • Please make arrangements to ensure that vehicles are parked in another location when crews are in the area to ensure that your leaves are not skipped.
  • Our crews cannot return or back-track once a street has been completed.
  • Snow, rain, and freezing weather will significantly delay or permanently halt collection.

Please be aware that property owners are responsible for leaf disposal after the leaf removal has ended as trucks must be converted and prepared for snow removal operations. Bagged leaves may be placed out for trash collection after completion of  collection.