finding your wayA Columbia Township business district could have the best hardware store, grocery and nail salon in the world, but if people can’t find them it’s all for naught.

So township officials are inviting businesses in the Ridge Road and Highland Avenue area to help implement a wayfinding system to steer people to the businesses.

“We are undertaking this project as a result of concerns expressed by several businesses that their customers do not know how to get to their location from the exit off Interstate 71 south,” Columbia Township Administrator Michael Lemon said.

Also, “An assessment revealed little if any directional signage or indicators anywhere in the business district to help get people to various parts of the business district or to specific establishments,” Lemon said.

Lemon said Columbia Township doesn’t want to erect large or numerous signs.

“We are attempting to get people to their destination through the use of symbols and minimal signage,” Lemon said.

“We are gathering a number of stakeholders to attend several meetings to help us determine which techniques will work best in the Ridge and Highland business area.”

The public will be invited to join the conversation later, Lemon said.