ORC 117.11 Annual, biennial, and early audits

(A) Except as otherwise provided in this division and in sections 117.112 , 117.113, and 117.114 of the Revised Code, the auditor of state shall audit each public office at least once every two fiscal years. The auditor of state shall audit a public office each fiscal year if that public office is required to be audited on an annual basis pursuant to “The Single Audit Act of 1984,” 98 Stat. 2327, 31 U.S.C.A. 7501 et seq., as amended. In the annual or biennial audit, inquiry shall be made into the methods, accuracy, and legality of the accounts, financial reports, records, files, and reports of the office, whether the laws, rules, ordinances, and orders pertaining to the office have been observed, and whether the requirements and rules of the auditor of state have been complied with. Except as otherwise provided in this division or where auditing standards or procedures dictate otherwise, each audit shall cover at least one fiscal year. If a public office is audited only once every two fiscal years, the audit shall cover both fiscal years.